Competing in Aachen a few weeks ago was one of the most exciting and memorable places I have ever ridden. On last minute notice, I was able to organize to enter a National show at Aachen, Germany.

Vitall took in the atmosphere really well. The first day I rode in all the arenas and the indoor as the first day my test was inside. I have been to Aachen before to watch, but jumping on my horse and actually riding around was a totally different view of the place. My mom asked me if I was nervous, but I was so excited I had no space in my head to be nervous. This was my first official show since Vitall’s injury.

The first day I rode the inter 2, it went well. Going into the piaffe, Vitall sat a bit too much, so we lost the rhythm, but gained it back in the second part of the piaffe, passage tour. The canter work was solid. Vitall is still not strong enough to make the pirouettes small and tight. I still ride them a bit too big, but, for now, that’s ok. Overall, I was really happy.

The second day I rode outside. The warm up was in the main stadium and the test was in another ring just around the corner from the stadium. The weather was extremely cold and windy. I remember riding around and just hearing my tail coat flapping, but the wind didn’t phase Vitall. He stayed focused on his job until we got to the 1 tempis. Someone was standing in the corner behind the fence and startled him, so we had a mistake. The piaffe, passage tour was much better than the first day. The second test I rode was the young horse Grand Prix. I was in a panic to get it translated from German before my test the next morning, thankfully I did.

The Germans put on a great show. Everyone was friendly the atmosphere was very much alive and supportive. There were 22 riders in my class, including senior Olympic German riders and an Olympic Finish rider. Both days I finished seventh.

Last weekend, I went to Horses and Dreams meet Russia in Hagen, Germany. I went to watch and visit with some friends. Hagen was also a beautiful atmosphere, lots of great vendors I could have spent all small fortune on clothes, but I behaved myself. The jumping was very exciting to watch, picking which horses were going to be fast or slow and cheering on the riders. But most of all I enjoyed watching the Grand Prix. I like how much you learn sitting and watching. I find it interesting to see how each rider sets up the different movements, how some do things others don’t and vice versa. The weather was sunny and warm until the evening when the sun went down it got a bit cold, that’s when I decided to call it a day and head back home to my doggies.

The young horses are coming along fantastically. I took my mare out for a lesson the other week. It was her first big outing and she handled herself really well. I was really pleased. In my lesson we worked on that she followed my hand a bit more and forward – forward was key.

My plan with Vitall over the next little bit is to get into some national shows to gain some ring experience leading up to some CDIs in June and in August.

For the winter, I will be heading down to Wellington, Florida. I am currently looking for a working student. If you or know anyone that would be interested, please email me for further information ( There is possibility for riding opportunities and accommodations will be provided. I am really looking forward to my Wellington adventure and having a nice sunny winter.

It’s starting to feel like spring/summer here. The other day, I was out for lunch and got burnt sitting in the sun. I came home lobster red. Have to break out the sunscreen, I am not complaining it has been too cold for too long.