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  Happy Sunday -  just 2 days until the Prince of Wales at Fort Erie - making a road trip?  The field is listed below..     Post Positions for the...

Straight-Up Blog

Elusive Ones

I know there are those of you out there who believed that the Aachen dressage this year would be more interesting than WEG, but I beg to differ. I think Aachen has been a...

Health & Nutrition Blog

Who Makes Nutrition Choices for Your Horse?

I was interested to find the recent paper by Roberts and Murray titled, “Equine Nutrition in the USA: A review of perceptions and practices of horse owners and veterinarians,”...

Horses & History Blog

Northern Dancer: The Canadian Super Horse that Nobody Wanted

Northern Dancer with E.P Taylor. Born May 27, 1961, Northern Dancer was the yearling that nobody wanted. Small horses were overlooked at the sales and his owner, Canadian...

The Pony Fairy Blog

The Joy of a Clicker Trained Horse

This week I'm posting a video of things that a lot of people don't often associate with clicker training. They are not the cute tricks that most people associate horses and...

Morag's Blog

Farewell Colombo

Colombo, one of the greats, will be sadly missed. Photo by Nancy Jaffer This past weekend was sad and black for the eventing world. We are all numb with the loss of Jordan...

Alex's Blog

Rainy, Rainy, Rainy Florida

Vitall and I at the show last weekend. Everyone is always telling me they don't stay in Florida for the spring/summer because it’s too hot, but it’s not that bad at all,...

Winnie's Blog

Coming Along Nicely

On Friday, I rode Spring Song in the Bitless Bridle. Dominique told me some of the obstacles that might be in the show Sunday at the Orangeville Fairgrounds. We’ll be entering a...

Lesley's Blog

On the Road and Back and Back Again

Bounce winning at Chatt Hills. I have received the friendly ‘push’ that my blog here is past due. I have a good defense. I have been a smidge busy. As I have mentioned...

The Rusty Stirrup

Second Time’s the Charm

Luc, Bernie and I head out on an adventure. Today was the first time in a long time that I was a little nervous tacking Luc up. I had gotten it into my head that today was the...

Blazing a Trail

We Are Going WEG!

Leanna and Sam at the 100-mile WEG qualifier. It has been awhile between posts but I have been hectically busy. Sam and I were selected to represent Canada at the World...

A Real Western Challenge

So Many Firsts

Heat haze over the valley and the last day of round pen solitude for the 'Challenge' youngster, It’s-all-Goo. The level-minded Pinto, The Apache, went into that well-worked...