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  DAVE LANDRY PHOTO   TIME TO BUY A YEARLING! Breeders sell tomorrow - a labour of love   After  a tumultuous few years, breeders of...

Straight-Up Blog

Cluster at the Cross Country

If you are feeling sad to have missed coming to France for the WEG Eventing, don't. You probably would have missed the cross country anyway and resorted to watching it on TV like...

Health & Nutrition Blog

Who Makes Nutrition Choices for Your Horse?

I was interested to find the recent paper by Roberts and Murray titled, “Equine Nutrition in the USA: A review of perceptions and practices of horse owners and veterinarians,”...

Horses & History Blog

Saving Belle and Sundance

Belle and Sundance after being discovered. Photo credit Birgit Stutz. McBride, BC, population 660, is located almost nine hours north of Vancouver in the Robson Valley. This...

The Pony Fairy Blog

Resistance-Free Bridling

I'm hoping you checked out my article "Resistance-free Bridling" in the September/October issue of Horse-Canada magazine, where I talk about teaching your horses to bridle...

Morag's Blog

Selena Reports: Getting Dolled Up and Walking the Course

Wednesday was really fun and busy. Great to finally start the games! We did our usual team jog @ 8:00 a.m., no rain. :) Then I lunged Woody, nice for him to stretch without my...

Alex's Blog

Halfway Through Summer

Alex and Vitall in the Grand Prix at the Palm Beach Equine Complex. Time is flying by, and I am having a blast. The horses are handling the heat really well. A lot of horses...

Winnie's Blog

Spring Song Up on a Pedestal

. This photo was taken Sunday. Spring Song is standing on a rotating top pedestal that has been secured so that it won't rotate. Once Spring Song is secure in placing her...

Lesley's Blog

Lesley’s Two Cents

Lesley kissing Bounce...the Olympic hopeful. This is my young horse Bounce. He just last month turned five. He has recently won an event and thus would like to put forward his...

The Rusty Stirrup

Mr. Destructo Does It Again

What remains of Luc’s grazing muzzle. Luc has affectionately become known by many monikers – Luc, Schmoo, Handsome – but none of them describe his personality quite as...

Blazing a Trail

WEG Opening Ceremonies

Team Canada. My crew is here! Crystal came in first even though her train was two hours late from Paris. Then my sister, Delcene, niece Melissa. Julie and Tina arrived...

A Real Western Challenge

Next Challenge: Finding a Saddle to Fit It’s-All-Good

When buying a horse, think saddlefit! These withers are going to be seriously challenging to find the right saddle for. Sports psychology fascinates me, and often inspires a...

Cuckson Report

On High Alert in Sartilly

Competitors who have never even subconsciously contemplated rule-breaking will be subjected to the type of surveillance one normally associates with electronically-tagged bank...

The Practical Farm

Preventing Dehydration

An example of a Drinking Post. If you’re hot, your horses probably are too. Keeping your horses hydrated is extremely important. Preventing dehydration in horses can be a...