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Can be seen THURSDAYS on TSN, and SATURDAYs ON CTV AND CTV2!   STRUTTIN' - John Unger's homebred hits 90 in the Beyer Figures at Woodbine   STRUT THE COURSE...

Straight-Up Blog

BOW WOW Part 2

We've had a WOW so now it's time for a BOW. While it was hard to pick a WOW out of the dense pile last week, my number one BOW is easy to identify: the horses of course! In some...

Health & Nutrition Blog

Who Makes Nutrition Choices for Your Horse?

I was interested to find the recent paper by Roberts and Murray titled, “Equine Nutrition in the USA: A review of perceptions and practices of horse owners and veterinarians,”...

Horses & History Blog

The Newfoundland Pony: Mother Nature’s Work of Art

The Newfoundland pony makes a great driving and riding pony. While looking for interesting material for my final September blog, I found an article published just a few months...

The Pony Fairy Blog

What to Leave Behind, What to Take Forward: Part 1

I wanted to share Alexandra Kurland's reply to a recent question posted in the online course forum here, as it says so many things that people new to clicker training need to...

Morag's Blog

Selena Reports: Games Over!

Sorry it took so long to let you know that show jumping didn't go as planned. ;) However ,Woody and I did survive the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games! I had 16 faults for...

Alex's Blog

It’s a Wrap

Alex and Vitall. We are officially falling into fall, but the Florida heat hasn't let up yet. It's still really hot and humid but I feel like I am used to it, finally! If it...

Winnie's Blog

Bill’s Trip to the Emergency Room

Monday evening Bill came off Zeloso during a jumping lesson with Dominique. Zeloso OVER jumped a small jump. Bill was a bit off balance because of this athletic maneuvour. Within...

Lesley's Blog

Post WEG Musings

Lesley's jungle-like back field, where she prefers to practice dressage tests. I haven’t written for a bit as: 1) I have to work extra hard to pay off my AT&T bill...

The Rusty Stirrup

Proudest Sister on the Planet

Luc looking all dapper with his braids in. That’s right. I am without a doubt the proudest sister on the planet right now. As some of you may remember, Jen (my sister) and...

Blazing a Trail

Race Day

Leanna and Sam on course. Our horse transport arrived right on time to pick us up to take us to Sartilly ride camp. A short two-hour drive and we arrived…into the mud. The...

A Real Western Challenge

Time’s Up

A very different horse these days; strong minded though is an understatement! Monday morning was an exquisite late Indian summer day. My neighbours to the south – with two...

Cuckson Report

2,000 Penalty Points? Step Up to the Podium, Please!

I have keenly read debate on social media and elsewhere as to whether the all-sports-in-one-basket formula has reached its sell-by date, in the wake of the shambolic WEG at...

The Practical Farm

To Pick or Not to Pick: Ins & Outs of Field Manure Management

Clean, clear pastures are a healthy place for horses to graze. While not the most glamorous of topics associated with the equine industry, good manure management practices are...