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  TRADE STORM thunders to the wire in the Woodbine Mile (2nd from right) while Bobby's Kitten (rail), Kaigun (pink) and River Seven chase. CINDY PIERSON DULAY...

Straight-Up Blog

Worst Equestrian Games

Just a quick note to let you know I'm not done with WEG, but it will be a couple of days before I put my wrap up together and post it here. I'm working on a 'highs and lows' of...

Health & Nutrition Blog

Who Makes Nutrition Choices for Your Horse?

I was interested to find the recent paper by Roberts and Murray titled, “Equine Nutrition in the USA: A review of perceptions and practices of horse owners and veterinarians,”...

Horses & History Blog

The World Equestrian Games: Seven Momentous Events

The Alltech 2014 WEG logo. As our Facebook pages and email inboxes fill up with news, results and photos from the 2014 World Equestrian Games (WEG), a brief look on how and...

The Pony Fairy Blog

Do I Fix Riding Problems by Riding?

Monty and Icky. I always get a giggle when people new to clicker training ask ‘But when do I get to ride?' Those of us who have been with Alex Kurland from the early days...

Morag's Blog

Selena Reports: Games Over!

Sorry it took so long to let you know that show jumping didn't go as planned. ;) However ,Woody and I did survive the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games! I had 16 faults for...

Alex's Blog

Halfway Through Summer

Alex and Vitall in the Grand Prix at the Palm Beach Equine Complex. Time is flying by, and I am having a blast. The horses are handling the heat really well. A lot of horses...

Winnie's Blog

Horse, Follow Closely

. A few weeks ago a friend gave me a book to read. It’s “Horse, Follow Closely” by GaWaNi Pony Boy. The book I read was printed in 2000 and this was the fifth...

Lesley's Blog

Post WEG Musings

Lesley's jungle-like back field, where she prefers to practice dressage tests. I haven’t written for a bit as: 1) I have to work extra hard to pay off my AT&T bill...

The Rusty Stirrup

Concentrated Effort

Luc moving forward from light pressure. Following Jen and Luc’s extremely successful first cross country outing, I decided to take what I learned during their lesson and put...

Blazing a Trail

Race Day

Leanna and Sam on course. Our horse transport arrived right on time to pick us up to take us to Sartilly ride camp. A short two-hour drive and we arrived…into the mud. The...

A Real Western Challenge

Time’s Up

A very different horse these days; strong minded though is an understatement! Monday morning was an exquisite late Indian summer day. My neighbours to the south – with two...

Cuckson Report

A Small Step on the Road of Rule Enforcement

I was unexpectedly in the news myself this week when the FEI Tribunal upheld the protest I lodged with fellow journalist Lucy Higginson over the Bahrain endurance "video nasty"...

The Practical Farm

Outdoor Air for Indoor Care

These horses are loving the half open Dutch Doors in each of their stalls. Maintaining fresh air, comfortable temperature, and a well-lit environment for horses and humans...