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Straight-Up Blog

A Final BOW, A Final WOW

A sign at the Fontevraud Abbey near Saumur One of the reasons I have so enjoyed the equestrian writing these past dozen years has been the opportunity to travel. I am a...

Health & Nutrition Blog

Horses and Food Allergies

Often, I am asked about feeding horses with allergies, which tends to confuse me because there are very few documented cases of true food allergies. In fact, most allergens for...

Horses & History Blog

The Poo Conference of 1898 & the World Crisis of Too Many Horses: Part I

Pyrmont Bridge,Sydney, Australia, about 1904. While we like to think of the horse as part of “the good old days,” in reality the horse has created and produced countless...

The Pony Fairy Blog

What to Leave Behind, What to Take Forward: Part 2

Expanding Clicker Training Through the People Who Use It I have always said clicker training benefits the most from two groups. The first are the experienced horse trainers who...

Morag's Blog

Selena Reports: Games Over!

Sorry it took so long to let you know that show jumping didn't go as planned. ;) However ,Woody and I did survive the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games! I had 16 faults for...

Alex's Blog

It’s a Wrap

Alex and Vitall. We are officially falling into fall, but the Florida heat hasn't let up yet. It's still really hot and humid but I feel like I am used to it, finally! If it...

Winnie's Blog

Teeter-Totter as a Training Tool

Several things have happened in the past two weeks: 1. I’ve been playing with Zelador creating an on the spot tiny trot under saddle (the beginning of a piaffe) and taking...

Lesley's Blog

It’s Time to Get Crazy Fit

Here I am, working out hard at my new crazy gym. So. I joined a gym. Not just any gym. A crazy gym. When I was younger, and didn’t need a gym, I joined loads of typical...

The Rusty Stirrup

How Many Strides?

Four strides in the five stride line? No problem, we nailed it! This week I was having a little trouble coming up with something to work on. Not because I’m so super...

Blazing a Trail

The Trip Home

The Provins moat. As you have likely heard, all of the Canadians were pulled from the Endurance race at WEG. Disappointing, but understandable in the very tough conditions...

A Real Western Challenge

Time’s Up

A very different horse these days; strong minded though is an understatement! Monday morning was an exquisite late Indian summer day. My neighbours to the south – with two...

Cuckson Report

Marmoog Watch Continued and Democracy at Work

It’s seven months and 11 days since The Daily Telegraph gave the FEI photographic evidence of Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum (Crown Prince of Dubai, new world champion and stepson of...

The Practical Farm

Selecting Rubber Mats

This horse is enjoying some quiet time in his rubber matted stall. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to stand on an uneven or hard concrete floor for hours on end. The...