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                      It may be the final 2 weeks of Woodbine racing for 2014 but there...

Straight-Up Blog

A Photo Correction, with Apologies to Mr. Genecand

After I posted my 'meet the candidates' blog yesterday, it was brought to my attention that the photo of Pierre Genecand (which I suggested would have been superior if it had a...

Health & Nutrition Blog

Horses and Food Allergies

Often, I am asked about feeding horses with allergies, which tends to confuse me because there are very few documented cases of true food allergies. In fact, most allergens for...

Horses & History Blog

The Sand Pounders: The U.S. Coast Guard Mounted Patrol

Jarman, a World War II Coast Guard beach patrol veteran, just before he passed away at the ripe old age of 40 in 1974. He served as a patrol horse with the Coast Guard's Beach...

The Pony Fairy Blog

What to Leave Behind, What to Take Forward: Part 3

Opening the First Lock I always go back to this: I did some of my very best training when I knew the very least. At the time I was surrounded by people who knew how to muscle...

Morag's Blog

Selena’s Royal Crash

So, it wasn’t the best Royal Winter Fair we have had. It has not been a ‘lucky’ competition for O’Hanlon Eventing, although it is always a very enjoyable one, as we all...

Alex's Blog

Special. Special. Special

I was really looking forward to riding the Grand Prix Special at the Regional 3 Championships at the Global Show Grounds, Wellington, Florida which took place last week. Although...

Winnie's Blog

Spring Song and Kye Will Winter Together

With winter just around the corner I’ve been figuring out which paddocks the horses will be in. Currently Spring Song goes up the driveway, past the arena and into the largest...

Lesley's Blog

It’s Time to Get Crazy Fit

Here I am, working out hard at my new crazy gym. So. I joined a gym. Not just any gym. A crazy gym. When I was younger, and didn’t need a gym, I joined loads of typical...

The Rusty Stirrup

Work in Progress

Jumping down the grid line. Since Jen and Luc had such great success at last week’s clinic, I decided that this week it was my turn to put the big grey beast through his...

Blazing a Trail

The Trip Home

The Provins moat. As you have likely heard, all of the Canadians were pulled from the Endurance race at WEG. Disappointing, but understandable in the very tough conditions...

A Real Western Challenge

Long-Lining in the Snow

Almost a perfect example of human-to-horse body language mirrored, as Mops long-lines in powder snow in the front pastures. Photo by Shannon Daly Photography Alberta’s...

Cuckson Report

I Wanna Hold Your Hand…

Candidates for the FEI presidency have now published their manifestos, but even with this belated opportunity to widen debate into issues rather than personalities, Ingmar de Vos...

The Practical Farm

Give Them Shelter: Run-In Sheds

This shed is complete with all outside steel, steel inside support wood pieces up 48" as a kick board on the inside. The drastically changing Canadian temperatures can be hard...