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  THREE THINGS FOR ONTARIO RACING - coming up! OLG, CTV AND CTHS... "We're all in this together" In the news this week is the much anticipated, long overdue planning...

Straight-Up Blog

She’s an enigma

Well, really more of a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside of an enigma stuffed inside Pandora's box placed in a safety deposit box and the key thrown overboard from a boat...

Health & Nutrition Blog

Who Makes Nutrition Choices for Your Horse?

I was interested to find the recent paper by Roberts and Murray titled, “Equine Nutrition in the USA: A review of perceptions and practices of horse owners and veterinarians,”...

Horses & History Blog

Saving Belle and Sundance

Belle and Sundance after being discovered. Photo credit Birgit Stutz. McBride, BC, population 660, is located almost nine hours north of Vancouver in the Robson Valley. This...

The Pony Fairy Blog

Resistance-Free Bridling

I'm hoping you checked out my article "Resistance-free Bridling" in the September/October issue of Horse-Canada magazine, where I talk about teaching your horses to bridle...

Morag's Blog

Selena Reports: Clayton’s Locks Challenge

Clayton and Peter preparing to take the locks challenge. Going to keep this as short as possible because it's very late and I have an early start. Today was EXHAUSTING! I...

Alex's Blog

Halfway Through Summer

Alex and Vitall in the Grand Prix at the Palm Beach Equine Complex. Time is flying by, and I am having a blast. The horses are handling the heat really well. A lot of horses...

Winnie's Blog

Working Equitation Clinic With Kimberly Garvis

Bill and Zeloso working the gate. This past weekend we hosted our fourth Working Equitation Clinic with Kimberly Garvis who flew here from Virginia. So much to tell! The...

Lesley's Blog

Lesley’s Two Cents

Lesley kissing Bounce...the Olympic hopeful. This is my young horse Bounce. He just last month turned five. He has recently won an event and thus would like to put forward his...

The Rusty Stirrup

Mission Accomplished

Luc and I work on finding a distance. This week, I accomplished one of my riding goals, and made huge progress toward another. I finally found the courage to jump Luc over one...

Blazing a Trail

The Worries and Wonders of International Travel

Riding along the French coastline at Port-en-Bessin. It seems so surreal to be here. My little paddock pony and myself, in France, preparing to compete for Canada. I...

A Real Western Challenge

Next Challenge: Finding a Saddle to Fit It’s-All-Good

When buying a horse, think saddlefit! These withers are going to be seriously challenging to find the right saddle for. Sports psychology fascinates me, and often inspires a...

Cuckson Report

Wholesale Exoneration of Jock Paget and Kevin McNab

There will be mixed feelings in the eventing community regarding the wholesale exoneration of Jock Paget and Kevin McNab for their reserpine doping offences at Burghley...

The Practical Farm

The New Three R’s for Pastures: Rest, Rotate, Repeat!

The first step in establishing rotational grazing is dividing your land into separate paddocks. Grass is one of the cheapest foods available. Are you taking proper advantage...