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   Gulfstream media photo courtesy Gulfstream Park   CANADIAN RUNNERS Woodbine stakes winner GLENVILLE GARDENS, winner of the Display Stakes at the end of...

Straight-Up Blog

Hamdan: The Unauthorized Announcement

You know that genre of non-fiction known as the unauthorized biography? As I stared at last week's FEI announcement (which was released with a smirk and the sound of hands dusting...

Health & Nutrition Blog

Horses and Food Allergies

Often, I am asked about feeding horses with allergies, which tends to confuse me because there are very few documented cases of true food allergies. In fact, most allergens for...

Horses & History Blog

The Snowy Racing “Ritz” at St. Moritz

Skijoring action. St. Moritz, Switzerland can be credited with a lot of firsts: it was home to the first place in Switzerland to have electric lights, it was the birthplace of...

The Pony Fairy Blog

What to Leave Behind, What to Take Forward: Part 6

So, the second key is staying true to clicker principles - no matter the challenge. It may seem easier to slip back into old training habits, but that wasn't going to help this...

Morag's Blog

On the Road to Recovery

John Rumble, Woody and Jacqueline Brooks. Things are almost back to normal at O’Hanlon Eventing. Selena is out teaching three to four hours a day. Her shoulder is healing...

Alex's Blog

Special. Special. Special

I was really looking forward to riding the Grand Prix Special at the Regional 3 Championships at the Global Show Grounds, Wellington, Florida which took place last week. Although...

Winnie's Blog

Oranges and Ducks

December fourth Bill and I celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary. Invariably we recall a few of our most memorable moments. Often they are stored under the heading “Bad...

Lesley's Blog

To Buy Abroad or at Home? Part 2

Bounce is our five-year-old Irish-bred. As I was saying last week, it is far easier over there to find your 'young rider's packer' or 'amateur one star horse' aboard than it...

The Rusty Stirrup

Dress the Part

I work on keeping myself steady in my half seat. I am finally starting to look the part of a real rider. This week I broke in my new purple half chaps (not the most...

Blazing a Trail

The Trip Home

The Provins moat. As you have likely heard, all of the Canadians were pulled from the Endurance race at WEG. Disappointing, but understandable in the very tough conditions...

A Real Western Challenge

Giving Thanks and Getting Ready

Another adaptation, of 'using' that great mop of a forelock to hide what his eyes are displaying; in the wild, as a stallion, this, I am guessing, keeps an opponent guessing...

Cuckson Report

Stocking fillers: topics that deserve a longer blog, but it’s nearly Christmas and I want some time off!

Global Champions Tour: On September 29th, GCT sent out a promotional video of Scott Brash and Ludger Beerbaum effusing about a new GCT teams concept set to "revolutionize" their...

The Practical Farm

Winterizing Your Barn

Provide shelter for your horses and keep them safe and warm at all times. Although we have already experienced the first taste of this year’s winter, there is still time to...